The Anatomy of An Appointment/Sales Funnel


Did you ever think it was possibly for you to actually get clients on autopilot for your Real Estate Business?

I’m here to tell you this isn’t some click bait, and I’m about to share some serious value.

I'll show you the anatomy of the Appointment/Sales Funnel and a process to convert a complete stranger into a client.

In the next few minutes I’m going to share with you almost the EXACT system I use in my business and for all my clients to generate leads and clients 24/7 365 without ever knocking on a single door, hosting a unprofitable seminar, or cold calling uninterested prospects.

This is a system to get your ideal clients to come to you.

So, let’s dive into this shall we.

I’m going to give you a 30,000 foot overview of what we’re going to cover, then we’ll dive deep into each one.

Automated Client Generating System

This system consists of 4 components:

  1. Bait/Stimulus
  2. Message
  3. Value/Training
  4. Conversion

Before you get all confused/uninterested, this is just the structure of the system, we’ll cover the importance of each one shortly.

So, here’s an overview of how this system works and why it is so powerful, especially since we have software to automate the entire process.

We start off with the “Bait or Stimulus” which is essentially something to catch your ideal clients attention/hit their pain point. This is an advertisement we place on Facebook, right in their news feed while their scrolling.

The second component is our “Message”, which should speak directly to your ideal client so it resonates so deep in their nerves that they click on your ad.

The next component of this system is the “Value/Training” which is in the form of a video/webinar. The webinar’s goal is to educate them and solve part of their problem right there on the webinar. The key word is “part”, because in the fourth component we have “Conversion”, which is where we ask our prospect to schedule a call with us to solve the rest of their problem during a free call or meeting where you would then close them and convert them into a paying client.

So, now that you have an overview of how this system works, let’s dive into each one of these components, their importance, and how you can set one of these systems up so you can get clients coming to you instead of you going to them.

Before we go any further, I just want to say at the end of the article I’m going to visually share how this whole process works so don’t worry if you can’t wrap your head around it!

The Bait

The role of the bait is to “set the hook”, meaning get them to stop and read our message. The bait in this case is us offering a Free Training or information that is of value, which we then advertise/get in front of a specific group of targeted people which are our ideal clients (Facebook gives us this capability).

Now, some of you have probably heard or tried Facebook Ads before and didn’t get much success. I’m here to say, you just don’t know how to use it. It works. Your clients are there. You just don’t know how to use it. As Facebook now has 2 BILLION users, it’s safe to say your ideal client is on there ...

The problem is, most people don’t load Facebook's Ad Platform with enough variation, meaning a variety of different baits, images, ad angles, etc. Facebook uses an algorithm which FEEDS off variation to optimize for the best results. So having one ad, with one message, and one image will NOT cut it. Especially since we are competing with other advertisers to get their attention.

Now, let’s continue.

The Message

The message and the bait go hand in hand as the bait is getting them hooked and the message is persuading them to click on the ad in a way that plays to their problems, desires, interests, etc.

The key is to tailor your message to your ideal client in a way that resonates so deeply that it’s like you pulled a page out of their personal diary. They have no choice but to click on the ad.

For an example, your message could be telling them that if they don’t have a first time home buyer plan, they will be ripped off and unhappy with the home they choose. This is obviously very vague, but if you were to expand and talk about specific feelings they may be experiencing, it will resonate with them and get them to want to solve their problem.

That’s when the bait comes in. The bait is essentially relaying that you have an upcoming webinar that will solve the exact problem you just discussed in the message.

Could you now see how powerful this is? We’re identifying their problem and then positioning our information as the solution to their problem.

The Value Statement

The goal, like I said earlier, is to solve part of their problem through the information you provide.

Once they click on the ad they are taking to a page where they can claim the information which is a simple opt-in form where they enter their name and email. Guess what? You just captured them as a lead…. You can follow up with them whenever you want! (If they don’t already convert at the end)

And look you should be giving value and actually helping them! I’m not saying you lie or lead them on because when you ask them to reach out to you for more help, they won’t take action! And you’ll be like Rho you said this would work! Well, it does work IF you provide value, give them some insight they can take away, and solve part of their problem.

This is the Law of Reciprocation. If you give someone something of value they will automatically want to return the favor. I know this sometimes doesn’t happen with our family and friends, but it does happen in human nature.

The information is you selling yourself, building rapport, educating them, hitting pain points, solving pieces of their problem, and then asking them if they want to solve the entire problem by scheduling a call with you which they could do  using a simple scheduling software.

The Conversion

This is where you turn them into a paying client.

Like I mentioned above, you will be using a “Call To Action” at the end of delivering the information where you are asking them to reach out to you solve the rest of their problem. This can be a Free meeting for example (which I’m sure you offer prospective clients anyways).

So, they claim the info and schedule a call, now what?

You can then send them to a pre-qualification process where you can ask them questions and get to know their current situation, their budget, their level of urgency, etc. to pre-screen these prospective clients because Facebook will be sending a lot of traffic to your funnel and you can then get the luxury of hand picking your clients this way.

The real conversion happens when the prospective clients get on the phone with you. I’m sure you have some sort of process/system in place to convert them on the call, if not I will be doing a blog post/article on sales shortly so be on the look out for that.

What I have just outlined here is called a Sales Funnel.

Traditionally, you would put up money and organize an event/seminar to put on and then get people to show up, give them value/teach them something, then ask them to reach out to if they want more info. Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing here, but on a much larger, more efficient scale through the use of digital marketing — more specifically, Facebook Advertising.

The Anatomy Of An Appointment/Sales Funnel

Like I said, what I just demonstrated in this post is a Sales Funnel. Obviously there are more complex ones, but this one works extremely well.

I know it may seem complex, but it is a rather simple process. This system right here can yield insane profits as it is a lead generating, client converting machine.

To add, this system is seriously some cutting edge marketing tactics that hardly ANYONE in the Real Estate industry knows about/are implementing inside their business.

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Hopefully you found this article insightful and opened your eyes to the possibilities digital marketing offers.

To your success,