The Complete Lead Generation Road Map For Realtors


Leads. Ahhh, the lifeblood of every Real Estate Business.

Without leads there are no Transactions. Without Transactions there are no clients. Without clients there is no business.

Whether you’re generating leads through traditional media, word of mouth, networking, or now, digital media, leads can come from various sources.

In this article, I’m going to share with you a complete Road Map of how to generate leads for your Real Estate Business.

Now, let’s begin.

3 Secrets To Lead Generation

Want to know the real secrets to lead generation?

I’ll give you the biggest one right now, traffic (eye balls). We’ll dive deep into this in a bit.

You NEED traffic in order to generate leads. You need people, in your target market, to actually see your message and then take action on what you’re offering.

I know this may seem blatantly obvious, but let me ask you this:

Have you been using any traffic sources to generate leads?

Do you have a system where you can tap into this traffic source at any moment and generate leads on demand?

Most likely not, especially if you’re reading this article.

But you’re in luck. I’m going to peal back the curtain and show you how you can capitalize on specific traffic sources and set up systems to generate leads.

Secret #2

Lead capture.

The next component to an airtight lead generation machine is to have a capturing mechanism.

You need something to capture these leads and then nurture them so they can become clients.

The single best way is through using an online Appointment Funnel.

Essentially what an Appointment Funnel is, is it’s something to capture leads, which is their name, email, and phone number then automatically sends them down the funnel to set a meeting with you where you then close the Transaction.

For Example:

This is what an Appointment/Sales Funnel looks like with a graphical depiction.

Basically, on the left you have lead capture mechanism and the traffic sources, which we talked about earlier which can be in the form of Social Ads — which we’ll get into in a sec. On the right you have something to intrigue the prospects and get them to click on your ad and send them to a landing page which then converts them in a lead. Once they are a lead, you then nurture that lead by using a piece of content to educate, but also pin point their pain and then ask to reach out to you for a meeting on how to solve that pain/problem.

Hopefully you’re following me here. It’s really a simple, but devastatingly powerful system to have place in your business.

The best part of this system is that this whole thing can be AUTOMATED. Meaning, all you have to do is get on the phone with them, schedule and in person meeting and begin the Transaction Process.

Secret #3

Educational piece of content.

This is what we call in the marketing world — Bait.

The key to the entire Appointment/Sales Funnel A.K.A Lead Generation Machine and to get it to work is to have a piece of content that will bring them into the Funnel. Using the content as Bait and Hook them.

This can be in the form of an E-Book, Case Study, or Cheat Sheet.

This piece of content is educating your ideal client / solving part of their problem then asking them to reach out to you to solve the entire problem by hoping on a call with you. We do this to build rapport and also to hit their pain points to make them realize they cannot do it on their own and need help.

Birds Eye View Of This Lead Generating Machine

So, by now I bet you are convinced you need something like this in your Real Estate Business. To wrap everything together, I’m going to explain the entire process and also the different traffic sources you can use to generate a mass amount of leads of your ideal client to send them through your Funnel.

So let’s talk about the traffic sources first, it will make more sense when I wrap it all together.

The main traffic sources are:

  • Facebook Ads (the most powerful)
  • Google Adwords
  • JV (joint venture) Partnerships
  • YouTube Ads
  • Banner / Placement Ads

These traffic sources are the ONLY ones you need to know to literally explode your business.

To be honest, you can scale exponentially simply by using Facebook Ads alone — which are my favorite and area of expertise.

So, let’s show you the top down birds eye view of this whole Lead Generating System.

Remember our funnel?

Well, here’s what it would look like from what we discussed.

[Facebook Ads] (10,000 people click)
⬇ 20% conversion rate

[Opt in to watch Webinar] (2,000 leads)
⬇ 5% schedule a Meeting

[You get 100 people on the phone]
⬇ 20% close ratio

= [20 new clients]

You can see how powerful this system is as you can spend a predictable amount of money to generate a predictable amount leads and a predictable amount of new clients and profits for your business. *Note* - these numbers are conservative.

You NEED to leverage traffic sources. These platforms are MASSIVE — especially Facebook with 2 BILLION  monthly active users.

It’s time to start building up your email list full of highly qualified leads.

If you don’t have a system like this in place in your Real Esusiness, you are seriously missing out. But guess what? This stuff is very new. So, you’re in luck. It’s time to be ahead of the curve. To capitalize on this new opportunity I just presented to you.

I put together a Free Training video to show you how you can set up a system exactly like this in your business so you can get clients on demand and with predictability.

You can check out the Free Training here.

Hopefully you've found this article insightful and I hope you find tremendous value in the training I put together for you.

To Your Success!