Rho's Story

The Journey one relentless Entrepreneur is taking to propel the Real Estate industry forward.


While I always had the "entrepreneurial Spirit", I was always oblivious to it. It wasn't until I dropped out of college for the third time, that I had a huge eye opening moment ... where time slowed down, and I looked into the future .... it was so vivid, yet so dull. I started to question everything ... even my own existence.

I instantly realized the traditional path wasn't for me, thus leading me to drop out. As I was looking back on my earlier life as a teenager, I saw that I had an unwilling drive and hunger to help people while enjoying gaining the financial benefits of providing real value in the market place. I sold Verizon telecom & internet services door-to-door when I was 22 years old, and at the age of 23 I started my company. I made more money in one week than most of my friends made in a month. I learned at a very young age the value of a dollar and that if you want something, I had to work my ass of to get it. No handouts. No excuses.

“Tough times don't last – tough people do!”
- Dan Pena

During my first semester in college, I had a few friends that were currently pursuing Real Estate successfully. It didn't take long for me to become obsessed with the industry and how it works. I started to devote hours and hours per day studying and soaking up as much as I could from books and the internet.

At first, I thought you had to be born with the skill of sales to thrive... but I quickly realized it was much more complex and consisted of a bunch of different strategies and tactics to become successful. It was then, I had found my first passion: Real Estate. Once I was introduced to this industry I was hooked, like a junkie waiting for his fix. It makes me spring out of bed in the morning.


In order for me to make a massive impact, I would need to be able to sell prospects on my vision and enroll them as clients into my consulting company.

I then became obsessed with Marketing & Sales, more specifically the 'New Way' of Marketing & Sales.

I started to study and learn from the best marketers & salesman in the world. I invested thousands of dollars & hours into honing my skills and refining it, and battle testing it in the market.

For the first 5 months of my career I was helping local & professional service businesses get more customers and clients using digital & social media marketing. I became really phenomenal at it. I worked with clients ranging from Restaurants to Chiropractors & Dentists all the way to B2B Companies.


The Real Estate Industry.

I knew I had to niche down and become an expert in ONE THING. Simply because ....

-14th Century


Like I said earlier, my mission is to help Realtors & Real Estate Brokers create the absolute best life possible by taking control of their business. So, I picked the Real Estate Industry where I help Real Estate Professionals, get more clients and scale their business to create a larger impact in their markets and in the lives of their clients.

Even though i'm not currently selling Real Estate and making a direct impact.... I am making an impact indirectly. And I believe I am doing something far greater and more powerful.

Where I'm unleashing an army of evolved, savvy, and impact-oriented Real Estate Professionals into the market to help those who want to get into their dream home, or get their current home sold at the best possible price and need their help, now. This in turn creates a huge impact as I'm helping Real Estate Professionals help their clients get their Real Estate needs fulfilled and acquire their dream home without any financial constraints or limitations.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.”

-Jordan Belfort


I work with Real Estate Professionals specifically to help them figure out what is the vision and dream they have for their lives, as well as the limitations that's holding them back from breaking through and accomplishing that vision. Once the dream and vision has been defined, we work on the exact steps they need to take to accomplish that dream.

These include:

- Exactly how many appointments you need on your calendar each week & each month.

- How much Pre-qualified Buyers or Motivated Sellers you would need per month to hit your targets.

- What the exact Revenue Generating Activities are you're going to use to book these appointments.

- How much it's going to cost to acquire new and ideal clients.

- How much time it's going to take to fulfill on the service.

- Who else you'd need to get on your team to help you fulfill on this service. How you're going to go about on-going communication with your clients.

If you are ready to take your to the next level, take a look at ourFree Training on exactly how you can start to have predictability in your client acquisition efforts,  take control over the growth of your business, and gain the freedom in your life that you never before thought was possible.

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